Getting Winter Assignments

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Florida is an extremely popular place with RVers in the winter months. Granted early fall not as much as from January to March of each year. So, that means that if you want any kind of workamping assignment here from about October to March then you should apply early and often as possible. You may even have to accept some assignments in areas of Florida that you might want to go just to get a position that will lead to others down the road. Referrals and references are very important to getting some of the more coveted assignments like those booked years in advance. Granted, there are a few parks that keep inviting the same people back each year and that really shouldn't happen with any of the public land areas like state parks and wildlife refuges. Personally, I think they should post a limit of every other year or something so that other people would have a chance at working at the more popular places in Southeast and Southwest Florida. But, again, that is where those references and referrals from your fellow workampers come into play.

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